Are you looking to move to UAE or Dubai for business purposes? Do you want to have a hassle-free visa processing for your employees in Dubai? We are a Dubai-based business management consultancy firm that deals in everything that is required to help you set up your business in Dubai, get your employees settled for consistent business dealings in Dubai or UAE, and, most importantly, figure out all the processes that you may need to go through in order to ensure consistent business operations in Dubai.

Our Services

  • Hiring foreign skilled nationals with multilingual capabilities.
  • Acquiring and forming businesses in UAE or Dubai.
  • Merging two businesses to start a venture in Dubai or form a subsidiary of one company in Dubai.
  • Creating joint ventures with Dubai based companies.
  • Investing and maintaining business in Dubai.
  • Employee visa applications (transferring employees to Dubai for business operational management).
  • Start-up business in Dubai.
  • Expanding business in Dubai or UAE.

We work to:

  • Understand our clients’ requirements and devise an immigration plan that would suit the business requirements the best.
  • Oversee all aspects of the Visa processes and Immigration Services in order to ensure that you have a hurdle-less process for your business set-up in Dubai.
  • Ensure that every step of the process is done meticulously to eradicate any chances of errors.
  • Ensure completion and proper use of all relevant immigration and visa documents for timely delivery.
  • Ensure accuracy by thoroughly examining all the documents and other submitted materials to eliminate any discrepancies that may delay the process.
  • Provide fee quotes and other information required by the clients before they can take the decision to process the applications.
  • Maintain strong relation with our clients who require immigration consulting services for a long term, period.
  • Ensure our clients achieve the end result and continue with their business operations without worrying about the visa processing or other immigration problems.
  • Make sure that our processes are up-to-date with the legislation and the immigration rules set forth by the government to eliminate any sort of trouble that may incur during the business immigration process.
  • Take full responsibility for your visa application and other legal documents to make the process smooth and quick.

Why choose us?

Immigration issues are serious matters that cannot be taken lightly, especially when it is about business immigration. One toe out of line and you could face serious damage in terms of everyday business continuity and other legalities that may hinder your business operations.

Our staff includes trained and highly professional visa and immigration consultants with decades of experience in the field. Our bilingual visa experts have tremendous experience in lobbying and immigration consultancy to offer a perfect mix of services that business owners need in order to fulfill their business immigration requirement.

Book a consultation with our visa and immigration experts today to learn what we can do for you. Our experts will help you devise an immigration plan according to your business requirements with reasonable fees.