With the advent of internet, the possibilities of connectivity are boundless. Many small and large scale organizations scale up their business using offshore business services to reduce costs and supplement business longevity.

Would you like to expand your business without having a tremendous budget? Would you like to open your doors for the international market? If yes, then we know exactly how to help you achieve that goal. We help companies, both large and small; establish offshore business for increased revenue and productivity. We help you form al legal entity in Dubai so you can reach out to a wider audience for a bigger and better future of your business.

Our Services

Our primary offshore business development services include:

  • Offshore company setup and formation in Dubai
  • Converting clients’ business idea into workable business models
  • Conducting feasibility studies to measure and evaluate the success of your business in the offshore market
  • Preparing for company registration, formation and establishment in Dubai
  • Choosing legal structure for the offshore business
  • Choosing appropriate location for the selected business venture
  • Preparing and documenting the right paperwork for registration of the company
  • Sending approvals to the regulatory authorities for incorporation documents
  • Processing other documents including statutory documents and visas
  • Managing the regulatory requirements of the business operations till its commencement
  • Assisting business owners with human resource management for a dedicated task team

We work to

  • Advise our clients regarding the appropriate legal structure that they should opt for
  • Advise our clients regarding the appropriate location for the business
  • Assist our clients in preparing and submitting all the legal paperwork
  • Co-ordinate with relevant authorities to get approvals and incorporation documents
  • Assist in finding virtual receptionist and manager to handle daily business operations
  • Assist with license renewals

Why choose us?

Offshore company formation can be a daunting task for those who have had no experience with such business formation in the past. It is extremely crucial to understand the environment, the government regulations, and the feasibility of your business to perform under those regulations and in that certain environment before you decide to take your business offshore. We as a business consultancy help you with everything from understanding the legal structure of your offshore company to analyzing the requirements of your offshore legal entity for a profitable business.

Our team of experts knows the ins and the outs of offshore business in Dubai and UAE to help you make a wise decision regarding your business set-up. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our legal representatives and consultants to see how we can help you establish your offshore business with the help strategically implemented management.