Dubai’s mainland is the best location for those entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to engage with the local market.  Establishing business in Dubai’s economically mainland is an almost impossible task, especially if this is your first time. The structure of mainland business is slightly different from other forms of business establishments, mainly because it follows more legalities than the free zone and other forms of business structure types in Dubai and UAE. We work with our clients to help them find the best locations according to their business requirements.

Our Services

Our mainland business services include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting business name approvals
  • Business type selection
  • Selecting local agents and partners in similar industry and business type
  • Applying for initial business approval on company’s behalf
  • Getting Court notarization and MOA on client’s behalf
  • Find appropriate mainland location for the clients’ business
  • Submission of legal documents
  • Finding business management resources
  • Ensuring legal protection for the business

We work to

  • Help our clients understand currency restrictions, audit requirements, and business formation regulations for mainland Dubai business setup
  • Help clients set up company in the mainland and operate from anywhere in Dubai or outside of Dubai
  • Help clients rent office space anywhere in mainland
  • Get approval for business operations in Dubai mainland
  • Get license to legally operate in Dubai mainland
  • Help with employee visas and other document processing that is required to keep the business operations running
  • Allow clients to have a simple mainland business set-up
  • Help clients choose the business type if they are starting up as an entrepreneur

Why choose us?

Our business experts are experienced in legal organizational structure for mainland business setup. Our highly qualified business experts and management consultants know exactly how to build a strong foundation of a business in the mainland Dubai to give clients the best possible exposure to the local market. Our mainland business formation services allow you to not only understand how to establish your brand for the local market, but also help you gauge the future needs to build sustainability.Contact us today to get a comprehensive consultancy regarding mainland business setup. Our experts will help you gauge the feasibility of your business according to the current market and industry trends. In addition, our mainland business experts will also sit down with you to devise a plan according to your business requirements.