Setting up a business in Dubai can be overwhelmingly challenging in UAE, especially if it’s your first time. Right tools and resources go a long way in bringing your enterprise in its fully functional state. Whether you are looking to set up your new venture as an entrepreneur or looking to scale up your already established business in Dubai, it is crucial that you have a strong consultancy and management to plan the operations in the region according to the regional regulations.

We offer comprehensive business set up services to business professionals and entrepreneurs after analyzing the business needs and measuring scalability of a particular business against the current industry trends. Our experts include financial specialists, business consultants, digital marketers, and legal business representatives. We cover everything from business formation in different localities of Dubai to business management for consistent business operations.

We do all the hard work so you can focus on the more important things.

Our Services

Our business setup services allow you to understand the economical ecosystem in Dubai and measure your business’s compatibility and capability for a successful venture. Our primary services include:

  • Company registration
  • Company formation procedures
  • Business feasibility and plans
  • Company legal structure formation
  • Business name Business approval
  • Court agreements
  • Preparing bilingual LLC contracts  (English & Arabic)
  • LC, Industrial, Commercial, and Professional license agreements
  • Business certifications from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Everyday business operations setup

Why choose us?

It is impossible to initiate a business dealing in Dubai, or anywhere is UAE, without a proper business approach. Our business analysts and consultants offer a meticulous approach to analyzing your business against the current UAE economical trends in order to devise a successful strategy for your business setup. We take all your worries and invest our expertise in your venture to give you a chance at having a successful business in Dubai.

To book a consultation with one of our business analysts, contact us today and find out how we can help to manage your business in Dubai without compromising on the quality of the operations.