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Why Dubai is best place for Trading Business


A bit about Trading:

Trading starts almost 150,000 years ago. Trade actually provides the platform where you can exchange the goods or provide different services. That is why trade is also known as commerce. In 60’s or 70’s real face of trade was barter where they directly exchange the goods and services or both but today trading is totally different. Today traders negotiate through a medium of exchange, like money or gold. This invention of money made trade totally different and simple. Trading between two traders is known as bilateral trading and if there are more than two traders is known as multilateral trade.

Current Trading Stats:

Source: World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Trade Center (ITC)

Source: World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Trade Center (ITC)

Above picture is clearly showing the stats of commercial businesses in 2017 and it’s growing more and more.

History of Trading in Dubai:

In 21st century, Dubai become the global hub of trading business. We can track back the history of Dubai in trading it will almost starts from 6000 B.C. but then federation of UAE wasn’t exists that time. As time passed there was several major incidents occurred on this soil and made this soil a major part of Trading Business all over the world. Today Dubai is one of the leading destinations of Trading Business.

Dubai Chamber – Dubai Chamber of Commerce was established in 1965 by late H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. DCC started its activities with 450 members and 12 board directors and today Dubai Chamber is having 231,000 members just in the beginning of 2019. DCC is a pioneer not only in UAE rather in all over GCC and Globally by providing the best services as an Information and Research center, by providing business documentation, legal services, networking opportunities and providing the best business solutions to the investors, entrepreneurs and startups.

Facts that makes Dubai best destination for Trading Business:

Dubai is one the world fastest growing destination businesses. Dubai is transforming itself day by day to attract more businesses and that is the only reason that today Dubai is leading for business, lifestyle, tourism and security. Today Dubai have world’s leading companies’ offices like Microsoft, Oracle, Boeing, Apple, CISCO etc. etc.

We at Easy Step Consultancy analyzed and researched some of major facts which makes Dubai one the best destination for Business.

1. Location – Thanks to God by giving the one of best strategic location to Dubai which connects Dubai to the world by Sea, by Air and by Road. Traders can easily access all the Global Market by having a Business in Dubai.

2. Business Infrastructure – Dubai offers business community the best infrastructure in the world by providing them world-class facilities like offices, warehouses, stores and manufacturing units.

3. Cost Effective – This is one of the main reasons which attracts startups, entrepreneurs and investors that Dubai is providing very low costs Business Licenses and providing world-class facilities in terms of living, business and lifestyle.

4. Policies – Government of Dubai is offering a wide range of business-friendly policies to startups, entrepreneurs and Investors which are one of best business policies in the region. Dubai is also providing zero taxation and zero personal income tax. Further more many Free Zones in Dubai are offering 100% foreign ownership.

5. Manpower – Because of attractive lifestyle, attractive salary packages and best visa policies is attracting the cream of skilled humans across the globe. That is the one of the reasons which attracts business community to setup business in UAE because they can hire any National according to their own will.

6. Safety – Dubai is one of the most secure destination in the world where you can easily carry your precious things and even cash and no one dare to touch you. Business community feel secure to settle in Dubai with families because they usually have to travel for business in other countries and they don’t feel disturbed for their families back in Dubai.

7. Lifestyle – Dubai population is rising day by day because of luxury lifestyle. Dubai is offering best world-class hotel, resorts, shopping malls, kids play areas, best schools and universities. That is the main reasons that today Dubai have the outlets, manufacturing units or retails stores like Gucci, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Prada etc. etc.

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